Travel Insurance

TFT Swimming Camps / Track & Field Tours act as an authorised agent of Cover-more Insurance Services. If you are in the process of booking a trip with us or have already booked you may want to consider what level of insurance protection members of your group have in place in case the worst were to happen. As a customer of TFT Swimming Camps we would always recommend you purchase adequate and fit for purpose travel insurance.

Taking out travel insurance at the time of booking your trip is a really good idea as cover for pre-departure cancellation starts from the policy issue date. This means you’ll have cover to recoup costs if any member of the group had to cancel their trip for an insured reason such as illness or serious accident preventing them from travelling.

We believe that enjoyment and safety are equally important when travelling with TFT Swimming Camps, it is therefore one of our terms and conditions of booking that you have adequate travel insurance in place before you travel with us.

The policy is available to UK residents and will cover trips to Europe and Worldwide.

Price per person based on the European destination:

EUROPE excl. Spain, Greece, Cyprus & Turkey

>5 days >10 days >13 days >17 days
Under 35 Years £13.00 £21.00 £25.00 £27.00
35 – 59 Years £16.00 £21.00£25.00£27.00
60 – 64 Years £16.00£22.00£25.00£27.00


>5 days >10 days >13 days >17 days
Under 35 Years £16.00 £22.00 £25.00 £29.00
35 – 59 Years £16.00 £23.00£27.00£29.00
60 – 64 Years £21.00£28.00£33.00£35.00

Before booking the CoverMore policy we recommend that you read the following documents by clicking the below link, so you understand the full details of the benefits and benefits and exclusions that apply to the policy:

View what the ‘Covermore Gold’ covers here

You can purchase insurance at any point up until your departure date, however we strongly recommend that you book it when you book your tour, so that it will cover you in the event of insured reasons for cancellation such as illness or an accident preventing you from travelling.

You will be given the opportunity to add insurance to your package with us at the point of booking your trip. If, however, you wish to add the insurance at a later date please contact us to re-confirm policy prices and you can add the insurance to your tour booking.


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